Shouga 生发粉


Shouga 生发粉
Shouga 生发粉

Shouga 生发粉

“I love this product! It’s absolutely amazing! I’ve used it for the past two months, and my hair has never been so healthy. The first thing I noticed  was that my scalp felt much more nourished and hydrated than it ever had before. Then, as my hair grew out,  I noticed that my new hair growth was much stronger  than it had been before. It has been a long time  since I’ve had  to trim my hair  because of split ends, but now they are almost gone! My hair is so soft and manageable and it doesn’t seem like it will be going anywhere any time soon! The product is definitely worth the price tag!”

Maria Perkins, 24, Birmingham, Alabama

I thought my hair was doomed to be thin and limp forever, and those bald spots would always be difficult to hide. But with Shouga Hair Growth Powder, I feel like I actually have some control over how my hair looks. It’s growing faster and there aren’t sparse areas to hide. I have seen such an improvement in my hair health and growth  rate that I can’t stop telling everyone about it!!

Justin Crawford, 32、亚利桑那州凤凰城

Key Ingredients For 头发生长 

  •   生姜精华

Shouga 生发粉

生姜精华 以通过提供弹性和保湿毛囊来实现强度而闻名,并可作为抗氧化剂。 它还可以防止发梢断裂和开叉,同时用作保湿剂以消除任何粗糙感。 它是护发产品中的一种有效成分,富含维生素、镁、钾和脂肪酸等对防止脱发必不可少的化合物和营养素。

What makes the Shouga Hair Growth Powder effective?

Transform and renew your hair from the roots to tips with our Shouga Hair Growth Powder! Effectively conceals the appearance of baldness, thinning hair, and other hair problems to achieve a more volumized-looking tree as it increases every strand’s density.

Shouga 生发粉

  • Hair Growth- Permanently cover balding and thinning spots.
  • Two Month Action- Regrow bald and thinning spots in just eight weeks.
  • Decreases Hair Aging- The powder contains ginger, a powerful antioxidant, that contains potent anti-aging properties that keep graying and whiting hair at bay.
  • Promotes Hair Integrity- Not only promotes hair growth but also improves hair health by increasing its strength and integrity.
  • Hair Thickening- Promote hair growth and integrity, but also increases volume to add more “bounce” and life to your hair.
  • Cleansing and Anti-Dandruff- The powder contains antiseptic and cleansing properties that prevent the proliferation of dandruff and cleanse and exfoliate dead skin.

Take a look at Wilma’s hair transformation and her recovery from it with the use of the Shouga Hair Growth Powder:


Balding runs in the family, my father went bald by the time he hit his fifties and my grandmother as well, and so on. I’m only in my early thirties but my hairline has started to recede. It’s concerning, I might go bald before I reach my fifties. Then I tried this Shouga Hair Growth Powder, I instantly noticed a difference in my hair! It was less frizzy , and it felt  healthier. My hair was much easier to manage. The hair fall has significantly reduced by 30% which was very surprising. I used to have very thin hair and a handful of strands had been falling out everytime I bathed. There was way less itching on my scalp too.


Shouga 生发粉

I can’t believe that hair has started to grow on the top of my head. I compared my hair two months ago to my hair now and I’m shocked at the difference!  The texture of my new hair seems to be smooth, and the scalp underneath it was healthy. The bald spot is starting to get filled: no itching, no drying, no signs of flaking, and no dandruff!


I look like my actual age now. My hair regrew and my new hair has consistently been healthy; it’s moisturized, shiny, and not brittle. I can even style and condition my hair as I normally would. It’s not super oily during hot days but not brittle and dry at night when the temperature drops. The bald spot is gone and I think I never have to worry about it ever again.All in all, this is a great product: it’s effective, easy to use, and quick-acting!

Wilma Dodger, 30, Denver, Colorado


Shouga 生发粉

  1. 彻底清洗并擦干头发。
  2. 在头皮上喷 2-3 泵。
  3. 轻轻按摩头皮 2-3 分钟,直至产品完全吸收。
  4. 每天洗头后做两次。
  5. 每天使用它。


  • 生姜精华
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